Top 10 Reasons to love Snapchat


Snapchat has taken over social media with its innovative way of having people connect. Snapchat accounts like @Glamourmag, @YesJulz and @TheSkinnyConfidential have used their platform to spread their message. Whether it's promoting a party, inviting people to come out to a #Hashtaglunchbag or showing a quick recipe—Snapchat gives you the freedom within seconds!

1. While Snapchat may seem complicated for the newcomers, it's actually super easy to navigate.

2. Unlike in Instagram, with Snapchat you get raw "unfiltered" real time content.

3. Your followers get to witness your moments of inspiration—if you follow me, you know that happens often!!

4. It's so easy to take a video or picture of something funny and share it with your friends within seconds.

5.  If you take the time to look at the discover section, at the top, you will be amazed with all the dope information you will find.

6. It's kind of like a TV just for you. Except, you don't have to sit through boring commercials!

7. I'm able to share and review my favorite beauty products without having to go through hours of editing a video to try and make it perfect!

8. You can view who is watching your snaps and monitor who screen shots your content #safetyfirst.

9. Snapchat makes you feel like your actually there!

10. You can draw on your pictures... *mic drop*

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Emily Deschamps

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