Commission on Population & Development at the UN!


This week (April 11th-15th), the 49th session of the Commission on Population and Development is being held at the United Nations. 

During the commission, delegates from around the world meet to discuss population issues and trends. This year’s theme is strengthening the demographic evidence base for the post-2015 development agenda. The post-2015 development agenda, as you may know, are the sustainable development goals that are set for 2030. The goals, which are featured in the graphic above, are global goals that all member states of the United Nations have agreed to work towards. The CPD is essential in talking about methods of collecting data to make sure we can attain our goals. Among the many topics that will be discussed this week, will be sexual reproductive health and rights. My hopes are that we can progress in providing young people around the world with comprehensive sex education! After attending the first day of the commission, I can’t say which way it’ll go, but I’m positive that we will have a resolution!

Why should you care about the commission? Well, each delegate has to agree on a resolution for this year. By agreeing to a resolution, they must make the effort to improve their countries’ government. Therefore, we need to make our government accountable for what they say they will change. Lastly, we all have an individual responsibility to take care of our Earth and to our communities. One Girl is dedicated to working towards the SDGs goals such as number 5, Gender Equity!

Will you join us in the movement to fulfilling these goals? 

Later this week, I will release the youth statement presented at the UN so we can spread the word about the importance of the presence of youth!

If you’re interested in keeping up with the conversations being held this week, you can watch them on:!

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Elanie Paredes

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