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Hey! I’m glad you've all had the opportunity to meet most of my team.

We’re super excited to engage with our audience because we want to hear from you! We also want you all to get to know each of us better and hopefully you all can begin to follow us on our journeys.

So just a bit about myself:

My name is Elanie (ee-lah-knee) Paredes and I am the Director of Operations, here at One Girl. I’m currently studying political science at Barnard College-Columbia University. I take part in the Young Women’s Initiative (Shewillbe), sponsored by the New York City Council, and I was chosen as an ANNpower fellow by Ann Taylor and Vital Voices which granted me $2,500 to start my own community project, Ignited Voices. Lastly, I was just accepted into Planned Parenthood’s 2016 Global Youth Advocacy Fellowship program. (follow me if you want to see what I’ll be doing at the UN in April!) I’m involved in various social justice initiatives related to reproductive health rights and racial justice and I love talking about them!

A few of my obsessions are:

  • Meditation
  • Food
  • Social justice (if you couldn’t tell)
  • Dancing
  • Coffee
  • The beach


These are just a few things you’ll hear me talk about on social media. If you want to hear more, be sure to follow!


Elanie Paredes
Director of Operations
IG: @elanie_p
FB: Elanie Paredes


Email the writer at info@onegirlny.org


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