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Hey girl’s HEY!

My name is Emily Deschamps and I am One Girl’s Creative Director. Meaning, I loveeeeee making something out of nothing. Whether it’s figuring out an outfit for a friend, designing what a picture should look like or developing a strategy for an upcoming project, I’m your girl! I’ve been working with One Girl for about three years now and every moment has taught me so much about the kind of person I want to become.

Now, back to me lol. I am utterly obsessed with all things fitness and maintaining a healthy lifestyle (I mean, I don’t sleep until I’ve completed 50 squats :D). I’m currently a Communications major at Fairleigh Dickinson University and loving it. Oh, I almost forgot to mention how I love to talk! Luckily, I surround myself with a bunch of glam girls that love it.

My current OBSESSIONS are:

    • Americano’s from Kuppi Coffee Company: Tell them I sent you haha ;)
    • Avocado toast with tons of red peppers
    • Barre Dynamic classes: Linda Ricardo at Can Do fitness is the truth
    • Daily shots of apple cider vinegar
    • My friends… I’m a girls girl and they do such a good job at keeping me sane! 


If you want to see me live (LOL) be sure to tune into my SnapChat @EmilyTheChamp and you’ll find me documenting my foods and commenting on pretty much… everything.

Any questions? Just follow me!

Emily Deschamps
Creative Director
IG: @EmilyTheChamp


Email the writer at info@onegirlny.org


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