Frequently Asked Questions

What is One Girl, Inc.?

One Girl, Inc. is a not-for-profit committed to developing young women into social change agents by infusing activism into yoga and meditation programs. Our leadership curriculum includes community service, mentorship opportunities and advocacy training, as we are active supporters of policies and legislation that promote the wellbeing of young women and girls.

Who can join One Girl?

One Girl is geared toward young women up to age 25 who want to make change in their communities, stand by a cause, and are serious about becoming leaders in industries of their interest while looking to make an impact in the advancement of women and girls at home and abroad.  

What do young women do in the One Girl program?

One Girl offers an integrated, multidisciplinary education and training program to develop young women into future leaders. It includes yoga and meditation exercises for self-discovery; team building; leadership training; volunteer work; and developing individualized plans of action for each participant to engage in activism based on her passions. One Girl has various other volunteer opportunities throughout the year, both locally and overseas.

Are there membership fees?

There is a small annual fee of $25. 100% of all fees go toward One Girl’s programming costs.

Who do participants in One Girl work with?

The president of One Girl is Meaghan Jarensky, who brings with her an extensive education in yoga and holistic health. She enlists a wide range of experts, not-for-profits, city and state organizations, community leaders, and people from all walks of life to lend their skills and experience to One Girl’s work. Anyone partnering with One Girl is heavily vetted to ensure the safety of our participants and its alignment with our goals and values. Just as important as our program leaders are the young women participants who support and enhance one another’s work, and hold one another accountable. Although we have highly trained experts, any health education is not equivalent to or takes the place of counsel from medical professionals.

How do I know if One Girl is right for me?

Do you want to create social change but don't know how? One Girl is here to support the change maker in you. Our members dig into what really matters to them, and together we develop this passion into tangible objectives and action. One Girl is here to be the support system and resource for young women not quite sure what their next steps should be. We focus on making you the strongest you can become and develop leadership qualities that not only inspire female greatness but also benefit you along the path you choose.

What do young women get out of the One Girl program?

Our members emerge with a skill set and education that will inform their future extracurricular, academic, and professional work. They learn how to develop clear objectives for their life trajectories and how to follow through and achieve them without letting fears get in the way. The work the young women do stemming from One Girl will be invaluable in demonstrating their leadership skills on school applications and resumes. Our participants also learn how to nourish themselves in mind, body, and spirit, giving them the foundation for healthy lives. 

What can organizations and adults do for One Girl?

One Girl is always looking for partnerships with like-minded organizations and individuals to help advance the objectives of our mission through campaigns, lobbying, and educational programs.