Ignited Voices

It is the mission of Ignited Voices to provide young women with a safe space for conversation and self-expression through an online support system, group workshops, and trainings in NYC. We offer opportunities to get involved in the community and become leaders.


Elanie Paredes founded Ignited Voices in 2014 when she was awarded a $2,500 grant as an ANN power Fellow in   Washington D.C. Her passion for reproductive justice inspired her to start the organization. She realized that there weren’t many conversations being held on the topics of sexual health and sexuality. Elanie wanted to create a safe space for young women to have these conversations and to share experiences with each other. Through being a part of Ignited Voices members will be able to shed light on issues that are often hidden and avoided. Members will also gain confidence in freely expressing their sexuality and have the opportunity to advocate for reproductive justice with Ignited Voices.

Education/ Leadership Training

Ignited Voices wants every young woman to feel confident and comfortable talking about sexuality. Therefore, we provide workshops/training modules that will empower, educate, and transform young women into powerful leaders of their

own lives and in their communities. We do this through sexual health and sexuality education, advocacy-based initiatives in our communities, and healthy discussion of current events.

Self-empowerment and Self-discovery

We believe that in order to become a leader in your community you must feel prepared and confident. We will explore identity and dig deep into the concept of self-discovery through activities of self-reflection and encouragement of one another. We will also explore techniques of keeping yourself motivated and ways to achieve your goals.


Ignited Voices is passionate about creating change in the community. Our knowledgeable members will have the opportunity to educate the public on issues such as reproductive justice. Through our advocacy campaigns our young women will get experience in community organizing and public speaking; essential tools for leaders.