Louboutin's nude ad


Have you guys seen Christian Louboutin's new ad for their nude shoes? Umm, bliss!!

According to NBC News, Louboutin's nude collection was first launched as a capsule back in 2013, which only included heels of "lighter shades of beige." (Folley, April 1, 2016) But, Mr. Louboutin knew that they were far from covering the whole scope of shades. In an interview with NY Mag's The Cut, in 2015, he stated, "In the next year, we will be at seven total skin tones." (Louboutin, April 22, 2015) Surely enough, on Wednesday, March 30th, Louboutin stunned us with the full range of seven nude tones in their ballet flats, T-strap pumps and half d'orsay pumps. They claim their new tones will make a "leg-lengthening" effect on whomever steps foot in them, literally. They also claim they are "constructed from soft, flexible matte nappa leather", on their Instagram. Side note: I love how Louboutin never claims their shoes are comfortable. Because, the truth is, they aren't. He has admitted it in various occasions. He stated in a Vogue interview in 2012, "People say I am the king of painful shoes... it is not my job to create something comfortable." (Louboutin, May 24, 2012)

In any event, as a result of Louboutin's new collection, they’ve had tons of buzz on social media. For example, beauty blogger, Marianna Hewitt (@marianna_hewitt), from Lifewithme.com, recently expressed her feelings about the ad. She states in her Instagram, "Growing up I didn't quite know where I fit in. Half my family was Asian I didn't look like them or speak their language. The other half was white and I didn't look like them either... As I've grown up I've learned to love my uniqueness but that's why I love to see ads like this one from Louboutin showing diversity... so hopefully a little girl who looks like me will find people in the media she identifies with". And I agree with Marianna! I'm also glad to see this high-end brand stepping up to the plate, noticing the problem and doing something about it! Finding a perfect pair of nudes, as a white-skinned (unless it’s summer) is hard for a latina too! No one is created equal, it's as simple as that. So, I definitely appreciate Louboutin's effort in making a wider variety of nudes for all of us! #nudesforall

I’m obsessed with seeing more diversity than ever before! We can finally purchase something that might actually match our nude tones. But, it seems like getting the perfect shoe might not be too easy, after all. Online, Louboutin has already sold out on seven styles and has two styles on pre-order. So, you better get your hands on the remaining styles now!  

What are your thoughts on the new ad? Let us know!


Vanessa Molina


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