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Hello, I'm Meaghan, the founder of One Girl. 

OG obsessions is how we, the girls of One Girl, share with you all that we love at the moment. I guess I should let you all in on my little secret, I'm obsessed with my girls. I decided to form an organization because I knew so many young women that had big visions—ones they talked about, dreamt about and hoped to manifest. Whether a girl was having a hard time getting started or already rockin' it, I knew with a little more support and girl power, she could make those visions and dreams a reality.

Did you ever have the thought that you could change the world? That if only you had the right platform or enough support, you would be a superstar?

Every time I talk to a young women and hear about what's in her heart, I'm amazed and fall a little bit in love with her and her heart.

Besides that, I'm currently really into the legislative process and making a change at that level. I've recently had the opportunity to be involved with getting a bill written and passed into law (fingers crossed) and am excited by the influence one can have at affecting policy change.

Other things I'm obsessed with and will be posting about...

  • Yoga - I've been teaching and practicing for many years. My own personal practice is what grounds and centers me.
  • A Course in Miracles by Helen Schucman - I found this transformational book a few years ago and it has literally changed my life more than any one thing
  • Nutrition and cooking - I studied nutrition and have developed a very specific but delicious and healthy way of eating. I haven't been cooking and gardening as much as I used to, but have committed to get back into it (as soon as my month of traveling ends and I'm back home).
  • Travel - I love discovering new places and have some of my faves that I like to visit again and again. I'm into anything from luxury and glam to developing countries and learning about indigenous cultures, and the challenges facing specific areas of the world.
  • Women who are changing the ways we look at models and breaking through stereotypes and showing a new path for us all
  • I also just became a step-mom to four amazing kids. I'm totally obsessed with my new family, so I have to apologize in advance for bragging about them every once in awhile.


I'm so happy to be connecting with you and I look forward to sharing these, and more obsessions with you! Be sure to follow us on social media! And be sure to share with us all the amazing things you're up to!

Meaghan Jarensky Barakett
Executive Director
IG: @MeaghanJarensky


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