What We Do


One Girl’s specialized training programs assist in the growth and transformation of young women into competent leaders. We do this through skill development, goal identification and group support while utilizing yoga and meditation techniques as a way to inspire social consciousness.  Find out more

Advocacy Campaign

One Girl believes the most effective changes can only occur if we incorporate both personal and policy changes. We are dedicated to effecting policies that foster the growth of women leaders by educating legislators and the public on critical issues we face. The girls not only get an opportunity to support an issue of their choosing via community service, but also through our advocacy campaigns. They are free to provide input on timely policy issues by working in support of legislation that benefit women and girls. One Girl also partners with other non-partisan national and international networks interested in protecting, advocating and expanding equal opportunities for women in the United States and throughout the world.  Find out more


At One Girl, we believe that the practice of meditation and yoga is one of the primary solutions for clarity of mind, living a well-balanced life, and personal growth. Through this non- traditional outlet as part of the total curriculum, the girls receive another chance to interact and support one another. 

Peer Support

Traditional peer support programs are also an integral part of One Girl’s curriculum, as we believe it is vital to social development. Girls have an opportunity to share goals, conquer fears, celebrate victories and learn from one another—creating unity among women.

Community Service

Community service is central to the organization. Volunteering develops character and gives girls yet another opportunity for further individual growth. We assist young women by carefully helping them choose the right organization in which to partner and volunteer based on their passions, thereby allowing them to learn, grow and thrive by working on issues in a field they truly love.